Cynthia Long is Banning for Bucks

Dec 18, 2021 | Press Releases

***************************** STATEMENT TO THE PRESS ******************************

Cynthia Long is leading the charge to ban books in Williamson County. She and other members of the Court are withholding COVID relief funds in exchange for Court directed censorship. THAT’S THE DEFINITION OF EXTORTION. I am trying to get my statement out before Tuesday’s meeting to try to stop the madness. If things go forward as is, we lose!  We either lose to extortion or our children lose necessary funding. 

The “banning for bucks” program holds school money hostage until several books are removed – not just from the classroom, but the libraries. The “Leander Eleven,” as I like to call them, include thought provoking works by world renowned authors. Good literature is supposed to take you out of your comfort zone a little – that’s how we learn and become more discerning.

But as important as the literature itself, is the fact that the Court feels empowered to step over the elected trustees to tell them how to run their schools by directing curriculum and content change. Those decisions are the strict purview of the ISDs and their constituents. I support a Court that performs the duties of the county and does not undercut voters by usurping their other elected officials.

Gravell, Long & Boles all support this initiative and are up for re-election this fall. I support the First Amendment, Free Speech and Free Thought – anyone who does not has no place being an elected official. That is why I am running to bring more reasonable leadership to Williamson County.