Campaign Issues


My most critical area of concern is safety! It is the overarching umbrella and compass I use now (and while in the military) to guide my decisions. Safety has a role in everything!

– Law Enforcement:  Law enforcement is the one of the keys to achieving safety.  I want our officers immersed in the communities where they serve – given the price of houses and the cost of living that means A LONG OVERDUE PAY RAISE AND MORE OFFICERS ON THE FORCE.  I respect those who wear the uniform and understand what service means.

– Infrastructure: We have failing infrastructure that has gotten to the point of dangerous.  I will ensure we prioritize work that endangers lives.  Going forward I will ensure we build highways, not die-ways!  SH29 is one of the most poorly designed roads.  I view the failing grid, inadequate water and unreliable broadband as safety concerns too.  They directly affect health, safety and accessibility.

– Children – Children are my passion, for they are our future.  I am a strong supporter of the Children’s Advocacy Center and almost came out of my chair when Cynthia Long voted against it!  We need to support public services that protect are children and our most vulnerable. 



I studied at the premier leadership institution in the world, West Point, and then I used and honed those skills in positions of increasing responsibility throughout my military career. I assure you, there is no more challenging leadership position than the crucible of leading soldiers, sailor, airmen and marines deployed in another country, under dangerous circumstances – period! In the civilian sector, I was recognized for my leadership, as well as technical & management skills. My leadership skills were quickly identified, and I was asked to lead a leadership seminar for a Fortune 500 company in Houston.

Leadership is about people. Good leaders have new ideas and they inspire others join in the pursuit. My leadership style is player-coach. I am in the game, setting goals and leading by example. My numerous medals, awards and ribbons are not an endpoint, they are the credentials that inspire me to these new responsibilities here in Williamson County.

Civic Involvement

I have been involved in every community where I have lived. As a child my focuses were church, local charities and political service and awareness. While in the military, I was extremely involved in all of the military community and family needs. I sponsored numerous activities that addressed critical military challenges here and abroad. After my military service, I have been able to be more involved in activities here in Central Texas. A partial list of my activities include:  Founding member of Women of Hope (Central Texas), Lifetime Member of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars, Leander Chapter) Austin Children’s Shelter, Move-On, SAFE Place, Sandy Hook Promise, founding member of WilCo Black Dems, Rotary (past President and Paul Harris recipient). All of these activities allow me to serve and connect with our community and provide opportunities to give back.  

Growth Management

Perhaps the biggest issue facing Williamson County is our growth potential. This is both a wonderful opportunity and a complicated challenge to negotiate. I want to allow Williamson County to grow gracefully, without compromising the wonderful lifestyle that brought most of here in the first place. Managed growth must first meet the needs of the people already living here! Growth must never come at the expense of our school systems and delicate infrastructure. While I understand that tax incentives can be a valuable tool to encourage growth, I believe businesses MUST pay their fair share and not pass that burden on to the property holders. I know that affordable housing is in short supply and I want to champion that cause. Williamson County is already an attractive place for businesses, we must be very judicious when offering additional financial incentives.  If the offer doesn’t help our current residents – it doesn’t help!


This issue ties closely into growth management, but it is also an issue by itself. Infrastructure includes electricity, water, gas, roads, bridges, rail & bus transport, internet. We all remember the power outages of 2021 – nothing has been done to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Water, our most precious asset, must be conserved, preserved and monitored closely. Internet access throughout the county is a mandate. For me, widespread internet is a new requirement for the infrastructure of a First World nation. Williamson County needs to work more closely with Cap Metro to ensure our transportation needs are met and that we are not paying more than our fair share. Increased infrastructure costs due to growth must be shared by the businesses moving here. 

I-2 Corridor


I am excited to live in Williamson County, a county that is growing. One of the most critical responsibilities of the County Commissioners is to ensure that infrastructure keeps pace with growth – and that includes roads. For the most part growth is good – but not ALL growth is good, and there are many ways to do it wrong, the I-2 Corridor is an example of that.

I am appalled at the way our current commissioners plot roads. They use eminent domain without including compassion, reason or even talking to the residents. It breaks my heart to see the way a fat Magic Marker line has ruined the drainage of some land, split family ranches, unfairly compensated owners and in some cases gone on to create dangerous roads! I am particularly concerned about Liberty Hill (3rd fastest growing city in Texas!). Road design and use of eminent domain is out of control. SH29 is one of the most expensive and yet dangerous roads in the county.

In Precinct 2, our current commissioner does not focus on her constituents. Her focus is builders and developers – a fact that can be easily verified by looking at the decisions she has made, the constituents she has ignored and then looking at her campaign donations. As your Commissioner, I promise to serve you. I will seek community input on all issues and will be available for meetings. I will listen. My primary focus is, and always will be, the needs and desires of the current residents of our county – YOU.


Health & Welfare

This is the heart of what matters to me, and honestly, all of the other issues feed into this directly. If the residents of Williamson County are not safe, healthy and happy, we are not doing our job. Williamson County needs to continue to enthusiastically support all first responders and assist in recruiting and retention.  First responders need salaries that allow them to live in the communities where they serve! We need to pay more attention to our at risk children. I strongly support the Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center and was profoundly disappointed when Cynthia Long voted against it. We also need to increase our funding for mental health programs that will help address the growing homeless population, especially Veterans. All too often our at-risk population ends up in the penal system.  I would much rather fund a person’s health, education and growth upfront than to pay for another prison inmate.